Just for Sleep

Perhaps like me you have heard on the news that a good night's sleep can help prevent depression, increase stress tolerance and reduce symptoms related to anxiety and ADHD. When I initially meet a client I ask them how they are sleeping at night. Most people tell me they rarely get a good night of sleep. Here are some tips I share with my clients:

We really need to allocate the time for sleep! I know this can be so difficult. We need regular sleep habits for our body's to regulate the management of optimal health and stress management. What is the optimum amount of time? Studies indicate 8 hours of sleep for adults and 9 hours for children and teens! Unfortunately, we cannot just catch up on the sleep we need on the weekends. Sorry!

Cool down that bedroom. Most experts agree that a room temperature between 65 - 72 degrees works best for most people. This is a good first step to try if you are suffering from insomnia. Poor sleep can result in depressed moods and irritability as well as less ability to tolerate the typical stressors of the day. Did you know that poor sleep in children can result some symptoms associated with ADHD?

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