Client Reviews

A Positive Experience!

I had such a positive experience. I started coming in for help dealing with relationship management issues and have continued to seek her help and advice on other family conflicts including my children, as well as anxiety, self-love, and other daily situations as they arise. I've seen other therapists in the past who would simply tell me things I wanted to hear and sugar-coated things without giving me any real advice. Elizabeth on the other hand offers applicable solutions where I am challenged to make changes where need be. She follows up at each session to keep me on point and makes sure I'm staying on track. She has even followed up beyond our time to check in as needed. I don't want to let her go!

Thanks, Elizabeth,

Melissa            March 2019

Pride In Myself

Elizabeth is fantastic. She's not afraid to tell me things that I don't want to hear, but I need to hear. She has truly changed my life for the better. Since going to Elizabeth I've gone from feeling broken and lost to opening my own business and having pride in myself and the things I am doing in my life.

Ciara            February 2019

Became The Woman I've Always Wanted To Be!

I have had 3 or 4 therapists in my lifetime and Elizabeth has by far been the BEST!! She always has a way of asking me the right questions that make me think outside of the box. I tend to be very negative about myself but she shows me in a kind, but straightforward way, that how I think about myself is wrong and she doesn't see me the way I see myself!

She is very professional and she really cares! I can trust her with anything I say. I know it will stay between her and me! That is huge for me!

I recommend her very highly! I was a mess when I started seeing her and she has gradually helped me to become the woman I've always wanted to be!.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Sincerely, Kristen     July 2017

An Amazing Therapist

Elizabeth is truly a professional in every sense of the word. Although it's often difficult for a client to admit that he/she needs help during difficult times, Elizabeth's approach is empathetic, warm, and thoughtful. She genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being. Elizabeth has the unique gift of being able to personalize issues in a way that is meaningful and heartfelt. She is loyal to her clients and always has their best interests at heart. Elizabeth is an effective listener; she isn't afraid to ask the tough questions that get you to come to terms with issues that you might otherwise try to avoid. She asks probing questions to get to the root of the problem. If I don't understand a point Elizabeth is trying to make, she often uses analogies that are easy to understand and relate to. This has been valuable to me as a client. She often leaves me with a lot to think about and reminds me of the importance of taking care of myself and my emotional health. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Kimberly     June 2014

Response from Elizabeth Davis LMFT, BCBA

When a person finds a therapist they can trust, he or she can develop a long-standing relationship for support that lasts over time. With each of my clients, I am personally invited to share a part of their life for a short period of time. You have allowed me to be a part of your life. You are an amazing person and I truly appreciate that you have invited me in1o your life to help you "smooth out the bumps on the road of your life". Thank you Kim for your thoughtful words!

Help when needed it most.

I can't really explain how much Elizabeth has helped my wife and me. She is caring understanding but yet very frank. I am truly grateful for her in our time of need. Thank you

Rudy    June 2014

Response from Elizabeth Davis LMFT, BCBA

Thank you for your Kind words, Rudy. As you know, one of my passions as a therapist is working with couples. You and your wife are amazing people and it has been and is my privilege to help you work out the kinks we get sometimes in our relationships.

My life is way different now...

I highly recommend Elizabeth Davis. After being "broken up" by a previous therapist who "did not know how to help me," I was very leery about seeking help again. I am so thankful I did!  Elizabeth can help guide you through those hard spots in your life. You have to be willing to put in the work through to see change but she will help you facilitate it if you are ready.

SS        May 2014

Response from Elizabeth Davis LMFT, BCBA

Thank you, SS for taking the time to write and post such a heartfelt review.  Just as you said, you did the hard work!  You just invited me along for a little while to guide you. I appreciate that you felt comfortable enough to allow me to help you reach your goals. You are a very special person and I thank you for the privilege of being a part of your life's trek!  Elizabeth

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